Photoshop Fun

Work, work, work turns into play when a coworker invites you and your shiny new camera kit out to the archery range on an unseasonably warm Spring day. Also, subtle-ish Photoshop fun, just for practice and pretty. Sumi-e filter experiment.


Life is what happens…

…when you’re busy making other plans.

Alrighty. School is on hold for a while. I withdrew from all of my classes a few weeks ago. I… just need the rest. I’m settling into my new home nicely, finally starting to relax. I’m just going to concentrate on working and recovering from the last several months of my life.

I’m probably going to take the spring and summer terms off, and return to class on a part time basis come fall.

In the meantime, I’m investigating the possibility of purchasing my first DSLR, and I’m kind of excited about it. With that and a halfway decent lav mic+recorder setup, I’m in business! I have a handful of small projects in mind for this summer that a simple setup like that will work splendidly for.

Falling behind, catching up

Well, for the second time in two terms, I’ve moved, hopefully for the last time for a long time. Until I’m ready to rent/buy a place of my own one day.

This has put me behind in my classes, partly from lack of time but mostly from emotional exhaustion, which means I’m going to be scrambling like hell over the next few weeks to catch up.

Fortunately, I feel like I’m in a good place to make this happen. I don’t have to get straight As, I just need to learn the material and pass the classes.

*takes deep breath*

Everything’s Better With a Montage!

Alrighty! It’s time for a montage. I got 100% on this project, too, so I’m pretty pleased. I think there is at least one animation sequence I ought to fix, but it’s hard to be enthused about touching it again right now hahaha

Overall, I’m pleased with how it came out. The music is spot on, and all of those sound effects you hear are not effects, they’re real. How cool is that?


I need a break. I’m working on my final project for my Premiere Pro class. It’s a montage based around the Hubble Telescope and some of my favorite images from that incredible machine. I’m loving it. It’s due tomorrow, so it will likely be posted sometime tomorrow.

Just thought you might like to know. Let the feverish anticipation begin! Hahaha!

Deployed view of the Hubble Space Telescope

View taken of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) after re-deployment by the STS-109 orbiter Columbia. A blue and white Earth forms the background. The HST’s new solar arrays are deployed. NASA Identifier: sts109-331-010


Aaaaaaannnnnd, final project number one, finished! For VP1 I shot an interview with a few of the ladies of The Grass Shack, a cannabis dispensary here in Portland, Oregon. They were great! So knowledgeable and helpful. We had limited time, so it was a quick in-and-out, but I got way more good interview footage than I had room to use in the project. Good thing I’m planning to make a longer documentary, I’m hoping to use more of that great footage!

Without further ado, hereĀ it is.

Lining ’em up, Knocking ’em down.

Photoshop class has me designing inserts for a CD jewel case featuring elements of work I’ve done for the class (all classwork will go on said CD at the end of the term). So I present for your eye-candy deliciousness… my case.




And another homework assignment down. *satisfied*